W-BDS Chief Development Officer 

Ty Whitacre

I am a Marketing Director & OEM sales executive and management executive ready to support and accelerate your PPE business growth. There are many business development and management companies, all with their own expertise and focus. While PPE-Process may provide many of the same services, our worlds are very different from theirs because everything we do supports a single purpose: To increase your growth as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. How? By bringing you executive-level sales and marketing efforts and connections to top USA suppliers¬†without¬†the commitment or paying expensive management talent. PPE-Process specializes in end-to-end selling and purchasing solutions, including sales and marketing strategy, investing time and effort at much higher levels than charged for by initial compensation levels, getting our rewards only if and when you do – when the growth starts. So, if you hear a suggestion for creating business process improvements, PPE-Process knows it will increase your market or revenue.¬† And if suggestions to show you how to manage your organization’s time are only done with the expectation that those extra hours will help create growth and improve performance.

The PPE-Process path is a straight line, putting aside extraneous tasks and honing in on who and what will help you increase the amount of goods and services you sell. It’s a direct and clear formula for success that we’ve put into effect for start-ups to well-established companies. Why not take a closer look at PPE-Process, and how we can increase your success.

Contact us for specialized PPE business services including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales strategy
  • Market connections
  • Lead production and development
  • Lead qualification
  • Media acquisition and press releases
  • Media editorial services

Ty Whitacre, CDO