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We are a full-service PPE manufacturing consultancy, working between PPE component buyers and suppliers to solve problems and simplify transactions across all aspects of their operations. Below is a list of some of the core services we offer our clients.

Anonymous Quotes

PPE Component Purchasers

We can help you quickly find multiple quotes and flexible buying options to fit your budget and delivery needs. We help our clients reduce purchasing costs by vetting multiple sources and even pooling buyers together to create more leverage with a single or group of suppliers. We keep our clients anonymous during initial evaluations and take care of all follow-up correspondence or sales calls to minimize business disruption.

Equity Programs

PPE Component Purchasers

We are always looking for viable business relationships.

We share the risk of PPE component purchasing with no upfront fees. Our compensation methods are flexible and customized to the needs of our clients. If your company is in a startup or expansion phase, we are open to investing our time and efforts in exchange for equity in your business.

PPE Component Sellers

We assist the purchasing arm of client’s companies, helping them find buyers.

We also help sellers find external program-specific, equity-based capital sources.

We share the risk of lead capture with no upfront fees. Our compensation methods are flexible and customized to the needs of our clients. They might include commission on sales, fixed management fees, a percentage of the reduction from their current costs, or a percent of the total program revenue profits.


PPE Component Purchasers

We fit delivery solutions within existing purchaser systems including Just-in-time delivery, on-site stocking, and MRP (materials resource planning) systems. We eliminate supply chain hurdles to decrease delivery times by facilitating local or on-shore deliveries.

We can acquire immediate samples to streamline purchasing decisions. Once component purchasing decisions are made, we also conduct excess inventory searches from PPE component sellers and work with suppliers who create product kits to offer temporary reduced pricing or kits that can lower purchaser costs.

PPE Component Sellers

We fit delivery solutions within existing components buyer systems including Just-in-time delivery and MRP (materials resource planning) systems. We take advantage of manufacturer on-site stocking and can evaluate supply chain conditions to recommend faster, on-shore deliveries.

We also offer value-based product delivery, including kitting with excess inventory to increase supplier inventory returns.


PPE Component Purchasers

We assist PPE component purchasers with all aspects of PPE production. This goes beyond finding companies the best quality materials at the best price. We also offer end-to-end engineering support from design, to manufacturing and project management.

Do you need assistance creating new designs to meet cost and certification targets? Have you assessed your current manufacturing processes to maximize production and reduct costs? We can help your company begin or improve all aspects of PPE production and during the design and manufacturing process.

PPE Component Sellers

We assist PPE component sellers with all aspects of PPE component production. This goes beyond simply connecting your company with PPE component purchasers. We offer end-to-end engineering support.

Our team can help you meet business goals with a variety of engineering services including project management support and manufacturing optimization.

Conversion and Pre-treating

PPE Component Purchasers

We can help you find PPE component manufacturers who offer a variety of different pre-treating options to match your production capacity. We specialize in materials conversion, pre-treating, and other value added services, including, but not limited to:

Laser cutting



Waterjet cutting

Ultrasonic welding




PPE Component Sellers

Are you looking to optimize your materials conversion processes? We can assist with a variety of different converting activities, including, but not limited to, slitting, cutting, and laminating.

Slitting and laminating can be customized to your specifications (with both standard and nonstandard widths) and include all types of self-adhesive and non-adhesive materials.

Certification and Testing

PPE Component Purchasers

Typically, certification and testing is provided by the supplier; however, there are times when a certification partnership is necessary. We partner with external labs to offer product and/or material certification and verification testing. Our clients can investigate component certification claims and/or test their own products against industry standards.

PPE Component Sellers

We partner with external labs to offer materials certifications and verification testing. We can offer these services to PPE component suppliers who wish to test their materials.

Market Connections

PPE Component Purchasers

PPE-Process has a large network of key US suppliers in the PPE industry and can source or procure raw materials from them.

Our US purchasing connections cover the gamut of PPE material production, including masks, gowns, gloves, goggles, face shields, helmets, protective clothing, and more.

PPE Component Sellers

PPE-Process works with a large network of US PPE purchasers and can help promote products and connect businesses with the right purchasing partners.

We can also work with key distributors in the PPE marketplace, helping companies stock and distribute both finished goods and raw materials.

What Can We Do To Help?

Have a question about any of our services? Feel free to contact us with your business challenges.