The Unique Advantages of Working with PPE-Process

PPE Component Purchasers

PPE-Process has a unique position to help PPE component purchasers find raw materials for the lowest possible prices. We have relationships with many different distributors and can shop multiple sources to compare prices.

We also group buyers together to create higher volume orders that qualify for special discounts and faster delivery.

We remove the hassle of the quote collection process by collecting initial “ballpark” estimates and multiple official quotes while keeping your business anonymous, accelerating your decision-making process without you having to deal with the annoying follow-up from materials sellers.

PPE Component Sellers

As a commission-based representative, PPE-Process assumes most or sometimes all of the business risk for PPE component sellers. We are able to charge less because of our lack of overhead. PPEProcess does not have regular ongoing costs of other companies, such as regular staff sales salaries, training costs, benefits, etc. This helps us keep our rates low and return more to the people we partner with.

We have a high level of experience in this market, with stable relationships and decades of successful business processes.